We have experience of all the latest Audi products from the Allroad to S8 and of course have unrivalled experience with quattro turbos and sport quattros. We would like to think that we care more about your car than your average dealer due to our enthusiasm for Audi’s products. We will ensure that your car is maintained to the highest standards by our qualified technicians. If you want your Audi to run perfectly, we can make it happen.

We have invested in the latest equipment to deal with the kinds of problems that affect modern cars. We have access to diagnostic equipment plus we have a four wheel laser alignment system that is essential to keep all quattro driven cars in top shape. Until you have driven a quattro that has been recently four wheel aligned, you will not realise what you are missing – the car will go where you point it and grip is maintained around corners in a linear progressive manner that helps explain the phenomenal reviews these cars get when new.

Whatever your car is in for, we will offer you a courtesy car to keep you on the road whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

If you want to book you car in for a service. Please contact us.